Addicts Victorious Support Group Meetings

We offer support group meetings for clients and the general public

Tuesday 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. Addicts Victorious Support Group Meeting.
Conference Room, West entrance, Horizon’s Building 224 S.8th., Quincy IL

Thursday 4p.m. – 5 p.m. Addicts Victorious Women’s Support Group Meeting.
Conference Room, West entrance, Horizon’s Building, 224 S. 8th,  Quincy IL


Please call 217-223-1388 for more information

Start an Addicts Victorious Support Group

We are very excited about our Programs here and hope that you will be also!   We have a number of Support Group Programs available that are OPEN to anyone who is in need of support.   They are as follows:   Addicts Victorious, Teen’s Victorious, Senior’s Victorious, Women’s Victorious,Men’s Victorious, Veteran’s Victorious, Prisoner’s Victorious, and Special Addictions.
These Groups are a weekly time for individuals to come together and discuss ANYTHING that is happening in their lives.   It helps keep people from being isolated with their problems, and is a weekly reminder that NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES, THEY ARE NOT ALONE!   Addicts Victorious has The ANSWER, not just for alcohol, not just for drugs, but for ANY problem, fear or addiction that anyone can suffer!

For a donation of $75.00 you will receive an Addicts Victorious Support Group Program Facilitators Kit.

The kit includes a Addicts Victorious Support Group Facilitators Manual full of all of the Addicts Victorious information:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to open and facilitate a meeting
  • Affirmation of Faith
  • 100 Ten-Step Flyers
  • Support Group Training YouTube Video
  • You also get the Addicts Victorious Support Group Training DVD. The DVD shows the proper procedure for conducting a support group meeting.

Along with purchasing the Kit you become an integral part of our Field Outreach Team here at Addicts Victorious!   This includes assistance if you or one of your group members is in need of attention. You will also be included in our annual Addicts Victorious Conferences (if you so desire).This annual conference is the third Saturday of April each year and draws people throughout the United States.
As a part of the Addicts Victorious team you are required to make a monthly donation to Addicts Victorious.  The amount of this donation will be decided upon by your church, or support group leader if it is not located in a local church.This donation will help us at the AV International Headquarters be able to fulfill our commitment to you as we work with you on a monthly basis.  Our International Programs Director will be contacting you monthly to help you run a successful support group to meet the needs of your community and in doing so it will make your community a safer and better place to live.
We sincerely hope that after becoming more familiar with the Vision of our Ministry, you will decide to become a very important part of our Team!

If you need more information or have any questions, please call us at 1-217-223-1388.

A facilitator or co-facilitator cannot be an individual that uses tobacco in any form, alcohol, illegal drugs, abuse or misuse of prescription drugs, involved in any type of sexually immoral behavior or gambling.

If a facilitator does not, or is found not meeting these requirements, he or she should be removed from their position and replaced with someone who will meet these requirements. In order to help others receive freedom from their addictions and addictive behavior a facilitator or co-facilitator must have experienced that freedom themselves and maintain it.